FLUTED/ RIBBED Glass for Interior: Aesthetics and Functionality

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Apr 29, 2024

What is ribbed glass?

Corrugated glass is created by pressing partially molten glass between metal rollers to create a distinctive pattern. It is very popular with architects and interior designers who want to add texture to a living space while diffusing light and providing privacy.

Glass Doors and Partitions

Ribbed glass doors and partitions are one of the most common applications in interior design. They are used to provide privacy between rooms while maintaining the flow of light and the feeling of openness. The ribbed glass surface adds elegance and style to doors and windows and creates an interesting visual effect both day and night.

Bathroom and Shower Enclosures

In interior design, ribbed glass is also a popular material for bathrooms and shower enclosures. It provides privacy, but also maintains light transmission and a feeling of openness that makes the bathroom a relaxing and airy space. In addition, ribbed glass creates an elegant and modern bathroom interior.

Furniture and Decorative Elements

Ribbed glass can also be used as a decorative element in furniture and interior fittings. For example, ribbed glass can be a beautiful finish on tables, shelves or furniture, giving them an elegant and sophisticated touch. In addition, it can be used as a decorative lighting element, for example in chandeliers or lamp fittings, creating an interesting


The use of corrugated glass in interiors offers a wide range of possibilities to create elegant, modern and functional designs. With its unique texture and ability to play with light, ribbed glass adds style and personality to a space, while providing practical benefits such as privacy and light transmission. Whether used as doors, windows, partitions or as a decorative element, ribbed glass is an indispensable material that can enhance any interior design project.

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