Up to 43 dB Perfecto glass partition

Up to 43 dB Perfecto glass partition

@stiklastudija.lv has a new product in the range of glass partitions with high sound INSULATION capabilities – we call it PERFECTO.

Perfecto glass partition offer an excellent solution for dividing working spaces with high acoustic performance and elegant design.

The main advantages of these partitions are the built-in or small minimal profiles. The joints between the glass – we call this interior structural glazing. This style of glass fixations definitely provides additional security.

The result is a perfect design with fine joints, excellent acoustic performance and high added value for your interior.

The Glass Studio @stiklastudija.lv will manufacture and create the atmosphere in your office or home.

Thanks to the improved acoustic performance, this type of partition effectively enhances private spaces in offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms and other work areas.