Fire-resistant frameless glass doors

PILNSTIKLA STUDIJA is the official representative of VETROTECH LUNAX fire resistant glass doors in Latvia.

Fire resistance and safety are the top priority in our frameless glass solutions. All our products comply with quality standards and current regulations in Europe.

Lunax FIREPROOF DOORS are available in E, EW and EI classifications with fire resistance durations of 30 and 60 minutes with maximum door leaf sizes of 1150 x 2560 mm or 2300 x 2300 mm depending on whether it is single or double leaf.

Lunax Porta FIREPROOF GLASS doors are a unique frameless glass door solution that simultaneously guarantees the required fire protection classes. Both single and double leaf doors are available.

Another advantage of Lunax doors is that this fire resistance is effective on both sides of the door. The door can be opened on both sides if required. (swinging door).
These fire-resistant frameless glass doors will definitely complement your building and will not only add value in terms of fire protection, but they will also underline the elegance and modernism of the building.

We have installed more than 120 fire-resistant frameless glass constructions in buildings such as ZUNDA TOWER, TELE 2 office, BALCIA insurance house, KONVENTA SETA.