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PILNSTIKLA STUDIJAS began its operations in 2005. year.

We are a strong, innovative, and rapidly growing manufacturer of ALUMINUM GLASS structures, supplying high-quality construction solutions to our clients for a wide range of buildings and facilities. Our extensive experience enables us to execute beautiful, interesting, and structurally complex projects utilizing glass in various configurations. Our product range includes glass partitions with different sound insulation levels, glass doors, aluminium windows, aluminium doors, fire doors, glass railings as well as various glass constructions – glass roofs and glass showers.

PILNSTIKLA STUDIJA takes pride in its experience, reputation, and successful implementation of various complex projects in Latvian and European markets. We continuously monitor the latest trends in the industry and strive to find innovative solutions to ensure the highest quality solutions for our clients, while promoting industry productivity and growth.

We consider ourselves experts in the design and manufacturing of aluminum and glass structures, thanks to our years of experience.

All our products are certified according to European and international standards.

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Our vision

We believe that aluminum and glass are more than just materials – they are pathways to contemporary architectural and design excellence. With our skills, experience, and creativity, we produce glass structures that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional and sustainable.

We work to create innovations that change thinking, values, and open new opportunities for glass usage in construction. Our goal is to ensure that each of our crafted glass elements embodies excellence, safety, and sustainability while meeting the needs of our clients.

We see ourselves as a company that not only manufactures products but also provides solutions – working collaboratively with clients to understand their needs and create customized aluminum glass construction solutions.

Our vision is to establish a world-class aluminum glass construction company that influences not only current but also future generations of architecture and design, paving the way for new possibilities and unexplored boundaries.

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