Up to 37 dB sound-insulating partitions

Up to 37 dB sound-insulating partitions

The @stiklastudija.lv range includes a product with good acoustic INSULATION capabilities. With this glass configuration and design we can achieve 37dB for fixed glass walls.

We can use different types of doors in the construction:

  • frameless glass doors
  • LOFT glass doors
  • aluminium glass doors
  • and even wooden doors.

By using the right thickness and type of glass, visually the same style of construction can be used to achieve the right level of sound insulation for each room.

Such a glass partition solution would be both functional and aesthetic in the office.

It is also very popular in the private sector to separate different areas, such as the entrance area from the living room or the bedroom from the bathroom.

To perform quick calculations for such projects:

  1. Send us the project details or the current situation from the site.

  2. Provide a brief description of where the structure is needed.

or fill out the contact form: Contact