Sliding glass partitions

Sliding glass partitions

Sliding glass partitioning is an excellent and modern solution that fits into a wide range of interior styles.
Thanks to the variety of glass and aluminium materials, it is possible to create a pleasant atmosphere in homes, commercial and public buildings.
The sliding door mechanisms and fasteners are made of aluminium, making them particularly light and easy to use.

The sliding doors have integrated SOFT STOP mechanisms to guarantee easy closing.

The sliding door options are very wide ranging from a single sliding door to several parts that collapse on one side, such as:

– Sliding doors that combine one or two sliding doors;

– A sliding partition with one or more sliding doors and fixed glass;

Telescopic sliding doors – a structure where each glass panel is on its own track. The system can be slid synchronously and mechanically. All glass parts slide one behind the other.

– Folding doors – interconnected glass panels that fold to one side and are on the same track (from two
up to seven;

– Parking sliding door – a system where individual glass panels slide into place on a single track.

Sliding doors are available with a variety of handle types and styles to suit your design and space needs.