MasterLine 8/10 windows

MasterLine 8/10 from Reynaers Aluminium is a unique window systems that combines a myriad of design options with high-end performance in terms of thermal insulation, air and water tightness. These innovative window solutions reflect the current architectural trend of maximising glass size and getting more daylight. MasterLine 8/10 has 3 different levels of energy efficiency – high insulation, low energy and a solution for passive houses. These different levels of energy efficiency are achieved by integrating new and smart materials. The unique concept allows a wide range of window openings, design options and different levels of thermal insulation to be combined.


Masterline 8/10 designed for masters

The unique MasterLine 8/10 window concept offers up to four design options, each with its own distinct look and feel – making MasterLine 8/10 suitable for any architectural style.


Of course, MasterLine 8 can also be easily integrated with other Reynaers Aluminium systems. The unique concept allows a wide range of window openings, design variants and combinations of different insulation levels.

Style options

  • Functional – MasterLine 8/10 The Functional option features a simple design that is beautiful in its simplicity.
  • Renaissance – MasterLine 8/10 Renaissance windows are designed to be visually in keeping with the traditional appearance of historic window detailing.
  • Deco – MasterLine 8 Deco windows offer a modern, unique design that stands out and creates a truly contemporary impression.Concealed ventilation – For a modern, minimalist look MasterLine 8/10 offers a concealed ventilation system.


Renesanse Deco Functional


Maximum frame height 2800 mm
Maximum frame width 1200 mm
Maximum weight element 200 kg
Min. Glass thickness 4 mm
Max. Glass thickness 58 mm



Air tightness Maximum test pressure 4 (600 Pa)
Watertightness E900 (900 Pa)
Wind load resistance C5 (2000 Pa)
Acoustic properties 45 (-1;-4) dB


Burglar resistance RC2/WK2- RC3/WK3


Thermal insulation (Uw) 0.88 W/m²K

Opening options