Frameless glass partition walls

Frameless glass partition walls

Modern and elegant, glass partitions are mainly associated with offices and public spaces. However, they are also already widely used in home and apartment interiors. This is thanks to the fact that glass looks great and fits in everywhere, in both modern and classical interiors. Aware of the demand for this type of solution, we have included glass partitions in our offer so that every customer can enjoy the beauty of their interior every day. If you dream of making them a decoration for your business or home, take a look at our wide range.

We have many interesting offers, among which there is something for everyone. As a manufacturer, we ensure the highest quality that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people!

When ordering partition walls, our customers can choose the shade and texture of the glass. The most popular glass shades are grey, bronze and frosted. Glass with different textures is also available, one of the most popular being the texture with a ribbed surface. Such glass allows light to pass through, but obscures 100% of the transparency.

Ribbed glass doors and partitions are one of the most common applications in interior design. They are used to provide privacy between rooms while maintaining the flow of light and the feeling of openness. The ribbed glass surface adds elegance and style to doors and windows and creates an interesting visual effect both day and night.

In interior design, ribbed glass is also a popular material in bathrooms and shower enclosures. It provides privacy, but also maintains light transmission and a sense of openness that makes the bathroom a relaxing and airy space. In addition, ribbed glass creates an elegant and modern bathroom interior.

Such glass partitions are a great option when keeping up with current trends.

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