PILNSTIKLA STUDIJA designs, manufactures and installs ALUMINIUM AND FRAMELESS glass windscreens, glass terraces and aluminium glass conservatories.

A windscreen or glazed terrace/ conservatory can be ordered to equip commercial, industrial facilities and private residential premises.

Indoor windscreen
Such a glass windbreak provides significant protection from cold air currents, especially during the cold season. It is normally placed immediately behind the main entrance door. It can be chosen with either a hinged door or a sliding door.

Frameless glass doors are the most sought-after.

Our product range also includes aluminium glass doors with the option of automatic door opening, which are ideal for commercial premises.

Frameless glazing for patios
Frameless terrace glazing is well suited for detached houses, summer houses and balconies, cafés and other facilities. This allows you to enjoy a wide view, as the terrace glass is fully retractable and foldable.

Conservatory glazing
If you choose to glaze your terrace with an aluminium structure, you will be able to enjoy your conservatory even in the cold winter weather. This construction offers very high energy efficiency and thermal conductivity.
And in warm weather, you can enjoy the beautiful weather by unlocking the patio doors. We offer fully sliding aluminium doors.

We also have Glass canopy: Glass canopy