Why choose aluminium windows?

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Apr 17, 2024

Is it time to replace your existing windows? Whatever style or colour you’re looking for, you can probably find it in an aluminium frame. Aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular. It may not be the cheapest choice, but you will save on heating costs, there will be no maintenance and it will be a long time before you have to think about replacing your windows again. With light frames and more glass, you’ll make the most of the light coming in and get the best view from your windows. Aluminium windows also provide thermal and acoustic insulation, protecting you from the cold and blocking out traffic noise. They are also the “green” choice as aluminium is almost 100% recyclable; this is not a problem as the frames can last up to thirty years.

Prevents heat loss

Modern aluminium windows are equipped with Class A energy efficiency. This is achieved by using a thermal barrier inside the frame, which ensures that warm and cold air gets to the right side of the window. This barrier is installed during the construction of the window frame and special gaskets are used to ensure that the frame is airtight. With aluminium windows, heat loss is very low and draughts are a thing of the past.

Combine this with energy-saving double glazing and your home will be warm and cosy while reducing heating bills.

Low maintenance costs

Lightweight frames can make aluminium windows look delicate. Aluminium is extremely durable and long-lasting in use. Windows are the part of the house most likely to be affected by temperature fluctuations and bad weather. Aluminium windows can withstand wind and rain better than wood or PVC and will not be damaged by UV rays.

Your new windows will be virtually maintenance-free as they are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Stylish choices

Aluminium frames can be used to create a variety of window styles. Choose the style that best suits your property. For a modern home, choose elegant and modern sliding doors.

When designing your windows, choose wide glazing without divisions, all possible with aluminium frames.

Your window frames will be painted to your requirements. Painting is carried out industrially. More than 200 colours are available and you can choose whether the whole frame is painted in one colour or whether the inner and outer surfaces have different colours. Triple glazing is standard and has the highest thermal transmittance.

Aluminium windows are both practical and attractive. There are styles to suit every property and they are designed to the highest energy-saving standards. As well as looking great, they will improve the security of your home with standard multi-point locking systems.

Fire resistance

Materials exposed to fire, such as wood and PVC, can be permanently damaged.

The advantage of aluminium windows and doors in this case is the material itself, which is a non-combustible metal classified as A1 fire class. This means that aluminium does not contribute to the spread of fire, nor does it emit harmful emissions when exposed to high heat sources.

In short, all the advantages of aluminium make it the ideal material for window frames, especially if you want sophisticated design and large, light-filled windows, as well as light, durable and virtually indestructible frames.

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