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Pilnstikla Studija SIA

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Soundproof Wall

In 2020, we have installed more than 1,500 m2 of glass partitions with HIGH SOUND INSULATION- up to 53 dB.

Our experience of more than 17 years allows us to implement and find the RIGHT solutions, even for constructively complex projects.

Nowadays, the design of office premises has reached high standards.

Instead of a narrow and dark office, we create spacious and bright rooms, bringing a pleasant atmosphere to the work environment.

Glass is a great material and can achieve not only the spaciousness and lightness of the room, but also high sound insulation values ​​when decorating meeting rooms or conference rooms.

As a result, there is a growing need for quiet rooms and meeting rooms where confidential conversations can take place. Glass partitions are often used to create offices, meeting rooms, and quiet rooms because they can provide a good level of sound reduction while providing natural light flow and visual connectivity throughout the workplace.

STIKLA STUDIJA will measure, design, produce and install all this.