LOFT glass partition walls

LOFT Glass partitions walls have become a popular feature Glass partitions have become a popular feature, first in modern offices and then in private projects (examples below), giving a completely new and unique look to even the most traditional design styles. We will create the design for your glass partitions and structure.

Partitions for a WOW effect!

Glass partitions are the new trend in interior design. And while glass partitions were previously only used in representative offices for zoning, they are now the detail of choice for designers all over the world. We have ideas on how to use this modern object in the interior of your home.

Living room!

Of course! Glass partition can solve many functional problems, but sometimes a glass construction between 2 zones, such as the kitchen and the living room, is just a design move that gives the room a modern and luxurious look. Combining a hallway or lounge with the living room is another way to keep the volume and spaciousness of the room. In this case, a glass partition will protect the cosy living room from cold air currents, street dust and moisture, while filling the hallway area with light and maintaining a feeling of spaciousness.


A glass partition is a great way to create a separate bedroom in a rather spacious studio apartment or to redesign an apartment with narrow rooms. A glass partition creates a separate, light-filled space that visually retains the spaciousness of the room. All that’s left to do is add thick curtains that completely insulate the bedroom at night. Designers recommend building such structures with contrasting dark wood or metal and completely transparent glass. Such designs look modern and stylish.

The home office solution!

Another way to use glass walls in the interior is to organise a home office. A home office is usually a small space, so glass walls will make it visually appear larger. And if the office doesn’t have a window, then this technique will allow daylight to enter the room.

A cloakroom behind glass!

Another idea for using glass walls in the interior is to organise a dressing room separated from the bedroom by glass walls. In this case, the use of glass allows natural light into the dressing room, makes the bedroom appear more spacious and can become a highlight of the bedroom interior, provided that it is equipped with suitable storage systems to keep it tidy.