Kitchen glass panels

Stikla Studija

May 31, 2024

Want your kitchen to look like something out of an interior design magazine? With the experience and ideas of PILNGLISTIKLA STUDIJA you can have it all…:)

A tempered glass kitchen panel will bring a new feeling to your space – because glass is naturally reflective, the room will open up extra wide and the pattern you choose on the glass will deepen it even more. With over 1000 colours and patterns to choose from, you can be sure that your design will be unique and truly reflect your personal statement.

When you treat a decorative kitchen glass panel with Clear Shield coating – the glass surface is very easy to maintain – without the use of chemical cleaners.

This /Clear Shield/ coating allows the glass surface to remain unchanged and creates a tidy appearance for many years.

Full Glass Studio recommends using clear glass without a greenish tint, especially if your kitchen is light in colour. The image you choose will also be brighter and more distinctive on clear glass

Printing on kitchen glass panels – choose from all these and thousands more beautiful and breathtaking views.

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