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Pilnstikla Studija SIA

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Glass Roofs

Heat-strengthened glass or heat-strengthened glass laminated roofs, glass roofs or glass sheds provide an elegant protection against rain or snow or other precipitations. Applying glass as a glass roof, glass roofing or glass shed material, you acquire light and refined exterior elements, which marvelously highlight the elegant style of your home and compliance with up-to-date era. 

Stainless-steel structures, heat-strengthened glass or heat-strengthened laminated glass are used in this elegant and simultaneously unnoticeable glass system and for sure there are the elements or parts made of wood. Installing glass roof and glass sheds, we appeal to you be a little bit careful and to use in these structures the materials only, whereon a contractor is able to submit certificates of conformance and also to explain duly reasoned, how many kilograms this roof weighs and how many kilograms is envisaged to use in the fittings specification and in the certificate of conformance per one point of support.