Kitchen glass panels

Want your kitchen to look like something out of an interior design magazine? With the experience and ideas of PILNGLISTIKLA STUDIJA you can have it all…:) A tempered glass kitchen panel will bring a new feeling to your space – because glass is naturally reflective, the room will open up extra wide and the pattern […]

Glass Partition Design and Interior Applications

Glass partitions have become an indispensable design element in many contemporary interior concepts. They not only provide visual lightness and openness in spaces, but also offer a wide range of possibilities to adapt and customise a space to individual needs. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of glass partition design and applications, […]

How Glass Railings Can Improve Your Home Interior.

Glass balustrades are an elegant and modern design element that can bring style and elegance to any home interior. Whether you are trying to create an open and airy atmosphere or you want to give your home a modern and sophisticated touch. In this article, we will explore the different ways in which glass balustrades […]

FLUTED/ RIBBED Glass for Interior: Aesthetics and Functionality

What is ribbed glass? Corrugated glass is created by pressing partially molten glass between metal rollers to create a distinctive pattern. It is very popular with architects and interior designers who want to add texture to a living space while diffusing light and providing privacy. Glass Doors and Partitions Ribbed glass doors and partitions are […]

Why choose aluminium windows?

Is it time to replace your existing windows? Whatever style or colour you’re looking for, you can probably find it in an aluminium frame. Aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular. It may not be the cheapest choice, but you will save on heating costs, there will be no maintenance and it will be a long […]